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Third Party Collateral
No Advance Private Finance Merges your property with reputed business profile…
  • The Business profile will have a perfect turnover.
  • The Business will have a high profit.
  • The Business which come to us goes for lot of feasibility study by the panel auditors and Credit managers.
  • After passing these feasibility study, we select the companies and give your property to them, Either as a Housing Loan and Third Party to the Business.
  • The sharing percentage increases and you get huge benefit out of it
  • Don’t worry about your property, it will be pledged only with bank not to any private financiers.
  • Instead of keeping your property idle, give your property to other reputed business and earn a interest free loan as a reward.
Every business goes to a credibility study by our Panel Auditors and strategist
  • Panel Auditors check their statements and books of accounts
  • Corporate Strategist check their company profile for futuristic plans and approve.
  • Stockist check the company stocks and approve it
  • Advocates check the company’s legal entity and approve it.

Every Business goes under these four steps, So there is no options for any failure.

So Give your property for well established companies and earn a INTEREST FREE LOAN from them.

Renewing and cancelling is easy and fast. Don’t get in to trap, come to a license holding finance company and get into WIN WIN for both Business People and You.

We welcome the mediators, Instead of giving your clients property to some one and bargaining for service charges, come and join us for your future development and regular Income.

We are one among the third party collateral providers in chennai


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